This week we gathered with some friends for dinner, and there was an interesting situation where a friend or one of my friends, introduced the topic of death penalty for those who commit acts of terrorism in Peruvian soil. That statement took me by surprise; I could not avoid my facial expression to express my position.

This topic is close to my hearth and I know what terrorism causes to families, people and to a whole country, I had experience it myself, in my country terrorism has been part of our lives for decades.

At that moment, I was ready to claim that taking revenge or the life of others is not the way out but respecting everybody else and trying to understand what people feel seeing and suffering the consequences of terrorism, I direct my conversation to the person next to me and changed the subject. It does not mean that I did not have courage to set my position, it was because, it was not the proper time and place to do it.

Sometime we need to evaluate all facts and the situation before we introduce our own perspective to avoid offend others